Your SNAFU Stories!


Do YOU have wild stories about CLUSTERf&@!s in engineering/manufacturing/physical product development?

(I bet you do if you’ve been in the game long enough.)

Would YOU want to anonymously (or not anonymously) share them for a collection while anonymizing/protecting company and product names?

If you bring the stories over on Odd Engineer, Spire Starter will publish them in a collection!

Current working title: “Engineering SNAFU, Volume 1: Stories of Noteworthy Atrocities at Factories Unveiled.” And for any entry that makes it into the book, we’ll happily send you a hard copy.

Remember, if you don’t need to personally remain anonymous because you have enough clients or past employers to obscure the identity of stakeholders in your story (or stories) this can be excellent marketing content!

How to Contribute:

   1. Go to

   2. Read and agree to the “Submission Terms and Agreement” on the page.

   3. Complete the form at the bottom of the page. The first lines for name and email address will be only used to communicate internally, not for publishing, and need to be real. The following lines for name and title, current company, marked “for publishing purposes” will be used for published content and can be “anonymous” if you wish. (We’ll double-check this with you before publishing.)

   4. Do it by the deadline of October 31, 2023.

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