Attn. Freelancers: Your Website Is Not About You

Surprise! 🤯Your Company website is *not* about You!
or if it is, it shouldn’t be
I talk with a lot of

business owners and

freelancers that ask advice about

how to market themselves.

Usually, they start with

this totally wrong approach,

“I/we provide dynamically dynamic
excellent resources
to effectively be excellent
for excellence and dynamycims sake,
delivering gobally world-changing
productivity and success”


Your clients truly

do not give a 💩

about those words.

If they are in the market for your services,

they just want to know if:

➡️you can fix their problem.

🛑 period.

If they do ask for a CV,
it’s because they are incompetent about your specialty and need a crutch to judge your aptitude:

🤨 “well did they go to the uni I was told by someone else was #1 for this discipline?”

🤔“well did they get hired by a company that gets a lot of headlines in TechCrunch, so I can let Company X’s evaluation of their competence stand in for my own?”

Types of things they *ACTUALLY* need to know:

✅that you creatively solved problems 🙌related to theirs (and can again)

✅that you can teach 👩‍🏫them stuff (read: ADD VALUE) right away, even on your homepage

✅ that you can be flexible 🖖 (if you can) around other restrictions their projects might impose such as:
😩them not completely understanding their own system needs yet,
😩tight timelines,
😩budgetary restrictions,
😩their lack of hardware and sw tools, specialized vendor connections, etc

Your company website
should be about
Your *Clients*!

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