Greg Fisher on the Odd Engineer Podcast + HARDWARECON Coming June 8th!

On Episode 5 of the Odd Engineer Podcast, we sat down with Greg Fisher, founder of HardwareMassive and HardwareCon.

Greg has over 17 years of experience bouncing between China and other parts of the globe to facilitate hardware development. We discussed his journey from ice cream store entrepreneur to leader in the hardware startup economy. He also shared some #proTips on how to successfully take your big idea to a real, mass-produced product.

HardwareCon this year will be online – 100% virtual. That means you can attend, too, even if Silicon Valley was too far away in the past! It’s happening June 8th, 2021 from 10AM-6PM PDT.

BTW: If you’re looking to pick up a paid ticket version, be sure to use code ODDENG15 when you register for 15% off!

Let’s look at some of what you can experience this year!

Fan-tab-ulous Speakers

Greg Fisher will corner Oculus Rift founder, Jack McCauley for the keynote fireside chat.

Greg is stoked about this talk because, as he says, the wildly lucrative sale of Oculus Rift was a turning point for hardware startups everywhere. It was proof to investors that huge gains could be possible in this arena despite how hard hardware is. This talk is the keynote that comes with the free ticket.

Come see Chris Anderson, of 3D Robotics talk on the judiciously named, “WHAT THE %^*& HAPPENED TO THE MAKER MOVEMENT” panel.

Also taking the stage will be Dale Dougherty, the beloved MakerFaire founder who leads new initiatives at Make Community.

You can hear from Carl Bass, too, the guy who has a lot to do with CAD being a thing when it became a thing.

If you’re an AutoDesk/AutoCAD fan or if you’re a fan of not having to draw prints with a real pencil anymore, you can thank Bass in person after the talk in the Speaker Room session.
Yours truly, Erin McDermott, will be moderating “the Art of Prototyping” panel where I’ll grill Darragh Hudson, of KD Product DevelopmentRobert Brakeman of Amphibian Global and Elementary Robotics, and David Schroeder of RelianceCM.

(Oops, sorry you were left off the class photo, David!)

There’s a lot more to prototyping than using duct tape and chewing gum to prove a concept, and I intend to use the sage words from these gentlemen as a big, fat “I TOLD YOU SO”. Can’t wait.
Hudson also created this sweet, informative article on prototyping, if, for some silly reason, you miss our spectacular talk. (P.S. How dare you.)

​For Vendors – the Seller Matchmaking Ticket

Vendors who have products or services for hardware startups or other product development teams should look into this ticket option. I’ll be using this matchmaking feature for Odd Engineer/Spire Starter LLC to talk directly with teams at the conference needing niche hardware engineering guidance from one of our many nerds. This part of the conference uses a brand new software service called Pairakeet.
It works by automatically matching your company with those who need you and alerting prospective clients. They can then choose to book a 10-minute virtual meeting with you during the conference.
So, it’s a lot like a real booth but without the foot blisters and exhausting, drunken teardowns after the show. 

​For Hardware Startups – Hardware Blvd Ticket

Here’s what this ticket gets you during the conference:

  • Two (2) full conference passes
  • One Private Booth in our Virtual Expo
  • Logo placed in all sponsor event signage
  • Pitch in our Pitch Contest (guaranteed feedback from accredited investors)
  • Logo placement on HardwareCon website and promotions

​Click here
 to book these tickets with the 15% discount promo code applied (ODDENG15).

Schmoozing + BYOBoozing Networking Hour

At the end of the show, there will be an hour of virtual networking. Make sure to take advantage of this session!

​Want to Learn More?

See more details about the schedule and panels here at

​Hope to See You There!

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