Spire Starter Wins $175 MM Contract with NASA to Connect Them with Freelance Engineers!

JUST ANNOUNCED: Spire Starter is one of 13 new additions to companies that will now be allowed to bid on a multitude of upcoming contracts with NASA!

These tasks may be for prize competitions related to engineering or even small engineering contracts that individual freelance engineers or teams can complete. Maybe you!

For a deeper explanation see this video:

Spire Starter would advertise and facilitate/manage any of these smaller contracts that we might win, while the engineering or scientific work itself would be completed by other freelance pros. That $175 million limit would then cover all the many smaller contracts and would include payment to the tech pros.

So, if you’re interested in getting paid to use your engineer or scientist brain to help out NASA and get paid for it, and without having to be a full-time NASA employee, follow Spire Starter or Odd Engineer on LinkedIn, or join the mailing lists. We’ll publish news you may want to take action on as it happens!

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