NHTSA Letter on Behalf of TikTok About Super Bright Headlamps and Their Glare 2

Over the past year, several videos on TikTok went viral over how irritatingly bright headlamps in vehicles are becoming in the United States. One of those was from Spire Starter’s own TikTok account (tiktok.com/@spirestarter) where Erin McDermott explained some of the many intricacies involved in solving this complex problem. Pointing a single finger, unfortunately, won’t fix headlamp glare.

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The public’s response? A lot of anger and frustration! Many US residents didn’t know how to influence the laws and regulations surrounding this issue and felt helpless. For some, the issue even keeps them off roadways at night, triggers migraines, or has caused them to lose control of their vehicles.

So, in response, in 2022, on Spire Starter’s freelance engineering community site, OddEngineer.com, a survey was posted where anyone residing in the US could express their headlamp grievances. The results were compiled and sent in an emailed letter to NHTSA, the federal administration that creates regulations around headlamp glare, on January 2, 2023 which follows here.

If you missed out on taking the survey and have comments you’d like to share with NHTSA, please add them below, and we will direct the agency to them!

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