Sept. 17th, 2020: LightTools Presentation

Director of Engineering, Erin M. McDermott, will be presenting at the Synopsys LightTools User Group Meeting on September 17th, 2020.​

​Erin’s talk will cover some of the neat features available in LightTools which have been proven to BLOW HARDWARE STARTUP MINDS at Spire Starter.

Providing optical engineering as a consultant to startups and larger manufacturers is a different ballgame compared to working in-house!

​For one thing, coming in with just weeks to find a rushed, emergency solution changes what is possible. When optical engineering exists in-house, or when outside consultants are involved in the development process earlier onthere’s enough time to validate and measure materials, surface finishes, and sources, if needed. Still, with LightTools’ powerful simulation capabilities, some hacks can be made here which still provide meaningful predictions that the other hardware engineers didn’t know were possible.

For 2: a lot of companies that never interfaced with optical engineering before are surprised by things we optical engineers consider basic! One of those is stray light analysis. Imagine if you were a hardware engineer with a prototype emitting stray light, and you had no optical simulation software, and you were expected to find and eliminate the source. Seems next to impossible. But with optical simulations, finding sources of stray light appears to be MAGIC in comparison. And in LightTools, stray light analysis is a super-simplified process compared to doing this work in other software.

If you’re a LightTools user, you can enroll in the webinar HERE.

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